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Eloquent debuts hosting program

Looking to offer a low-cost version of its multimedia learning software and services, Eloquent launches a hosting model of the package.

Looking to offer a low-cost version of its multimedia enterprise learning software suite and services, Eloquent is about to launch a hosting model of the package.

The San Mateo, California-based company has partnered with Internet access provider Concentric to promote the enterprise learning package hosting program over the Web, with a beta version set to launch in two weeks.

The company unveiled its first product last November. Presenter 3.0 can be used to stream video and audio presentations with slides, software demonstrations, and white-board sessions onto multiple computer screens.

The product enables a free Presenter 3.0 Player to be integrated as an ActiveX control in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser or as a plug-in in Netscape's Communicator.

Through Eloquent's transcription and translation services, simultaneous scrolling text of each speaker's remarks accompany a moving picture of the speaker and slides, demos, or chalkboard-like graphics.

The new service will allow Eloquent customers to access their corporate presentations over Concentric's ATM network. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will maintain and manage dedicated Eloquent Presenter servers at Concentric's hosting sites. Customers will be able to access their Eloquent produced content either by the Internet or a dedicated virtual private network.

Although pricing for the hosting package was not made available, the company's streaming media server is priced starting at $12,000 for a 10-stream license, and can accommodate individuals connecting from the Internet at speeds as slow as 28.8 kbps.