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Whoa! Elon Musk tweets video showing hugeness of SpaceX rockets

Get some perspective on the Falcons and BFR by seeing them with the Statue of Liberty.

Even Elon Musk can still be impressed by his own rockets. The SpaceX CEO retweeted a video designed to blow our minds by showing just how big the Falcons are. Musk commented, "cool video."

The video, published this week, comes from production studio Corridor Crew. 

The filmmakers make a good point. We've all seen lots of videos and photos of SpaceX rockets, but without much to go on for a sense of scale. Corridor Crew's VFX artist uses his computer skills to place the rockets in familiar locations to show us just how gigantic they really are.

The Falcon 9 is roughly the height of a 21-story building, but even that's a little hard to comprehend. It starts to make sense when you see the rockets standing on a city street. 

The Falcon Heavy, which was use to launch Musk's personal Tesla Roadster into space, is even bigger.

Corridor Crew also tackles the upcoming BFR, the polite version of which stands for "Big Falcon Rocket." It's taller than the Statue of Liberty. Seeing it digitally imposed next to the American icon really drives home just how massive the BFR will be.

The video is entertaining and eye-opening and gives an excellent perspective on the SpaceX rockets. Most of us will never get up close to one, much less ride in one to Mars, but we can now better appreciate the scale and ambition of SpaceX's creations.