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Elon Musk to detail Boring Company plans to link Hyperloop, rockets

The SpaceX, Tesla and Boring Company CEO is set to talk tunnels Thursday in Los Angeles.

Entrepreneur nerd icon Elon Musk will present his underground vision for the future on Thursday with a talk on tunnels. 

Musk announced on Twitter that he'll be webcasting a presentation and question and answer session about The Boring Company's plans for Los Angeles Thursday at 7 p.m. PT.

The public is also invited to attend the presentation in person at the Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles, although at last check all free tickets had been claimed.

The Boring Company, yet another Musk side project, is basically a tunnel-boring company. But it's what will run through those tunnels that brings Musk's signature futuristic flair. 

Initially, the concept was to build infrastructure that allows vehicles to be moved down to a subterranean tunnel system via large elevators, then loaded on to high-speed "skates" that bypass Los Angeles' notorious surface traffic.

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There have also been suggestions that pedestrians, bikes and public transit will get priority access to the system. Musk has said the Boring Company is involved in proposed Hyperloop projects, including one for the US east coast

Apparently, Musk also has plans for a Hyperloop in Los Angeles that connects to a SpaceX (another Musk company) spaceport that has yet to be built. At about 3 a.m. PT Wednesday (looks like Elon is still sleeping on his office couch) he tweeted that "Boring Company Hyperloop will take you from city center under ground & ocean to spaceport in 10 to 15 mins."

SpaceX recently got approval from the City of Los Angeles to build a rocket-manufacturing facility at the city's port where the company's planned "BFR" rocket will be assembled. Musk hopes BFR will be able to transport humans to the moon and Mars, but he's also said that it could be used for super-fast international flights via space

So it could be that SpaceX hopes to set up a facility at the Port of Los Angeles for rocket flights around the world, and beyond.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to a request for comment on where the spaceport Musk refers to might be. 

Last week, Musk said the first Boring Company tunnel under Los Angeles is nearly complete and will be ready for free demonstration rides in a few months.

Watch Musk's presentation here.

First published May 16, 9:24 a.m. PT.

Update, May 17 at 6:59 p.m.: Adds link to the event's livestream.

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