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Elon Musk and The Rock get a bit strange on Twitter

Tesla boss + Dwayne Johnson = "Handsome SOB," apparently.

Elon Musk's The Boring Company Unveils Test Tunnel In California

Elon Musk showed off his ripped bod on Wednesday... or did he?

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

How much do you bench, Elon Musk?

The Tesla CEO got into an odd Twitter exchange with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Wednesday after posting some images of his head Photoshopped onto the actor and former wrestler's ripped body.

"Yeah, I lift a little… " Musk captioned the shots.

Johnson quoted the tweet and showered Musk with praise.

"He's. A. Beast. @elonmusk Handsome SOB too!" the Hobbs and Shaw star wrote.

Since it's actually Johnson's body, was he really complimenting himself? You decide.

"Oh stop, you'll make me blush," Musk replied.

So yeah, now the age-old question of what Elon "The Musk" Johnson would look like has been answered.