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Noted nerds react to Elon Musk's Mars colony plans

SpaceX wants to see a million Earthlings living on Mars this century, but before anyone signs up we're going to tweet about it.


Nerds are twittery with excitement about Mars.


Science fiction fans, and even regular old science fans, couldn't help but take notice when Elon Musk declared that visiting Mars is something we can achieve in our lifetime "and that you can go."

Yes, you. That billionaire guy with the fancy cars and rockets thinks you can go to Mars. Heck, you can even live there with about a million other old-world transplants in the big Martian metropolis he's planning. Imagine, a place that looks like Arizona without all the heat.

Naturally, some enthusiasts were eager to sign up right away, like DJ Kaskade, who clearly sees room for an epic outdoor "Red Rocks and Radiation" EDM festival in Musk's Mars vision:

No surprise that other Silicon Valley CEOs, and Bill Nye, are psyched:

Even noted nerdy NASA-loving tight end for the New England Patriots Martellus Bennett is game:

Of course, there was the obvious opening for sarcastic or snarky enthusiasm:

But what about the loved ones of those who will one day colonize Mars? What about those who are left behind on Earth? For some insightful advice, who better than Mr. Mars himself?