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Elon Musk's Boring Company wants to solve your traffic woes

Rush hour could one day mean traveling 125 miles per hour underground.


Elon Musk wants to beat traffic with tunnels.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Elon Musk is out to fix one of humanity's biggest sources of irritation: traffic.

While we've known Musk, who is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, was up to something involving underground tunnels and a new company called The Boring Company, we got a more in-depth look at the concept Wednesday, thanks to a new FAQ page on to The Boring Company's website.

Musk wants to use a network of tunnels to alleviate traffic congestion. Cars would be strapped to stabilized electric sleds and zipped through the underground tunnel system at about 125 miles per hour, only to resurface above ground at their destination. These sleds could also be converted into hyperloop pods, which could carry passengers more than 600 miles an hour.

"A large network of road tunnels many levels deep would fix congestion in any city, no matter how large it grew (just keep adding levels)," the page says.

The Boring Company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The FAQ also lays out some of the reasoning behind going underground, how to limit the costs of a project like this, and why this hasn't been done before.