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Elon Musk asks the internet to name his new boring machine, internet goes nuts

Twitter users give the Tesla CEO plenty of ideas for what to call his new tunneling machine.

The Boring Company isn't boring.

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Elon Musk's new boring machine needs a name, so the Tesla CEO turned to the internet for advice.

That's boring as in drilling, not yawning. And that machine is at the core of Musk's The Boring Company, his fledgling tunneling venture that's supposed to help alleviate Los Angeles' traffic problems by taking cars underground.

Musk kicked off the naming frenzy by posting a short, slightly oblique Tweet: "Thinking about a name for our new tunnelling machine..."

Needless to say he got plenty of suggestions, some of them pretty amusing. The Guardian and other publications have posted some of the standouts. But here are some I like.