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Ellison to Harvard: No Summers, no cash

Ellison to Harvard: No Summers, no cash

Remember earlier this week, when we noted that Larry Ellison hadn't yet followed through on his promised $115 million donation to Harvard, which was notable in light of both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pledging the mass of their time and fortune, respectively, to charitable works? Well, now it turns out that Ellison won't be giving any money to Harvard at all. His excuse? Harvard president Larry Summers resigned. Oh, and also, he says the deal wasn't final anyway. Ellison's spokesperson says the Oracle boss is currently looking for something else to donate money to. Hey, I wonder if Ellison's forced $100 million donation to the Ellison Medical Foundation, ordered by the court as part of a settlement over an insider-trading lawsuit, has anything to do with his change of heart on the whole Harvard thing. Or maybe Larry "Montgomery Burns" Ellison just decided he doesn't feel like parting with his cash money. You never know when the world's largest (private) yacht is going to need a new coat of paint.