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Elgato Wave 3 microphone is a streamer's dream

It's a little pricey, but the features specifically cater to streamers.

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Elgato has carved out a pretty significant space in livestreaming across a handful of niche product categories: capture cards and devices, lighting and its lineup of Stream Decks. Now, it's jumping into a much bigger product category with the launch of the Wave 1 and the Wave 3, a pair of microphones the company says were designed specifically for streamers. I spent some time with the more expensive model -- the Wave 3 -- and it feels like Elgato really came out swinging. You can watch my review video above. 

As I mentioned in the video, just about every microphone on the market currently isn't designed for streamers -- they're made for voiceovers, singing, podcasting and other, more niche use cases. The Wave 3 is a much-needed challenger to other midrange mics in its class and Elgato's Clipguard technology makes it an extremely appealing option for the more... excitable streamers among us. 

The Elgato Wave 1 ($130) and Wave 3 ($160) microphones are both available now on Elgato's website.