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Mike Elgan. AGAIN.

Mike Elgan's at it again.

Apple Arrogance Unleashed! (Tip o' the antlers to Eloy Duran.)


But what other company in the industry would so blatantly embarrass one of its major partners like that?

Any guesses who Mike's talking about here? AT&T? Google? Yahoo?



Over a blue screen of death joke in the beta of Leopard.

Golly, the thought of Steve Ballmer throwing himself down on his bed and penning a crushed entry into his journal while sobbing to himself is...

Well, it's laughable, is what it is. Congratulations, Mike. You're four paragraphs in and you've already found the bottom of the barrel.

Who else does Elgan think Apple has shafted other than, er, Microsoft? iPhone early adopters, of course.

So Apple half-heartedly tries to appease its most dedicated, loyal fans by punishing them with a $100 penalty instead of a $200 penalty. I wonder if those customers will ever stand in line again for another Apple product?

With a customer satisfaction rating in the 90s for the iPhone, the Macalope will gladly take that bet.

Needless to say, Elgan's not happy with Apple's treatment of iPhone hackers, either.

Apple hasn't done anything illegal. But the cold slap in the face is shocking. And the malice!

The cold slap in the face! The malice! Not a lot of people know this, but Elgan also writes tawdry bodice-rippers on the side.

They're much better than his technology punditry.

Once-loyal and worshipful Apple fans are now calling for boycotts and class-action lawsuits.

Granted, the number of people actually affected is small. But the number of people watching all this with alarm and disappointment at Apple is huge. Every major newspaper, magazine, online publication and mobile-computing blog is covering it, heavily.

So, Mikey, you admit that this is small potatoes but don't see the irony in trying to construct a Devil's Tower-sized mountain out of them.


Sleep soundly, oh, technology pundit! It's OK because everyone else is doing it! Clearly Elgan's mother didn't tell him "Well, if Rob Enderle jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump, too?!" as a child as the Macalope's did.

[It actually took so well that now if they ever find Mr. Enderle floating face down in the East River the first thing authorities are likely to do is look for hoof prints on his back.]

Apple offered users a popular beta of its Boot Camp utility...

But the day Mac OS X Leopard ships, Boot Camp turns into a pumpkin. The only way to fully use it is to upgrade to Leopard. Apple wants your money, and wants it NOW.

You are familiar with the meaning of the word "beta", aren't you, Mike?

Give it a rest, Mike.