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Element's emo iPod speaker, with wings

Vestalife is releasing a limited edition version of its Ladybug iPod speaker system, branded by Element Skateboards.

Photo of VestaLife Element skateboard iPod speaker dock.
The Element Skateboards edition of the Vestalife Ladybug speaker system is the perfect nightstand accessory for your surly, emo teenager. VestaLife

A new kid on the block named Vestalife is set to roll out a new iPod speaker dock at CES named Ladybug. Realizing that no self-respecting man will ever buy something called a Ladybug, Vestalife is partnering with Element Skateboards to create a limited edition version, clad in black, chrome, and skulls.

The Vestalife Ladybug includes two 1.5-inch tweeters that fold over the face of your iPod, making a tiny sonic cocoon for your precious MP3 player. The back of the Ladybug houses a single 3-inch sub, along with an auxiliary input, USB port, AV output, and an external power jack. All universal-dock iPod models are supported. No pricing has been released.