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Element launches new Ion, Formula iPhone cases

Element Case is serving two new motosport-inspired iPhone 3G/3GS cases, the Formula 3 and Ion 3. Both cost $59.99 and are available now.

The Element Ion 3 costs $59.99 and is available for the iPhone 3 and 3GS. Element Case

Element Case, the maker of high-end iPhone cases, including the Vapor case for the iPhone 4, is trotting out a couple of new "motorsport-inspired cases" for the iPhone 3G and 3GS: the Formula 3 and Ion 3.

According to the company, the Formula 3 is the successor to its Liquid case, and is a three-piece "slide on" case that has flared corners and rubber tone finish. Its bottom piece is designed to easily slip off when docking your iPhone.

Meanwhile, Element is billing the Ion 3 as the most durable case in the line. It's a soft/hard case that's made out of silicone rubber for a non-slip grip but has a rigid Carbon Fiber back plate with a polished, smooth finish. The case easily slips off for docking purposes.

Element's Vapor case for the iPhone starts at $79.99 and has become sort of a vanity iPhone case, attracting some celebrity buyers. While the Formula and Ion cases for the 3G are more affordable at $59.99, they're still expensive. Currently, the first-edition Formula and Ion cases are only available in black. Element will release iPhone 4 versions in October.

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Element Formula 3
The Element Formula 3 also costs $59.99. A version for the iPhone 4 arrives in October. Element Case