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Elegant ecocountertops

Your countertops can go green without a coat of paint: Teragren's Bamboo Countertops are eco-friendly.

The Bamboo Countertop Teragren

If you're going green in your kitchen, it's hard to find countertops that don't cause concern but still look good. Teragren has combined style and sustainability in its Bamboo Countertops. They're available as an alternative to hardwoods for counters, kitchen islands and even tabletops--and bamboo offers the same durability as traditional hardwood counters. Each countertop is finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax, for a surface that can be used for food preparation and even cutting. It has a caramelized face because of the stain used.

The Bamboo Countertops are available in panels of 30 inches by 96 inches by 1.5 inches as well as 36 inches by 72 inches by 1.5 inches. In addition to the traditional bamboo counters Teragren offers, the company also has end-grain strand bamboo, strand bamboo, and a parquet butcher block, though sizes and stains vary. Each option is available without finish. The finished versions require some care: an occasional application of mineral oil helps maintain the surface and prevent moisture loss. Teragren's bamboo counters meet a variety of green standards: among others, they qualify for an LEED credit for rapidly renewing materials and another for low-emitting materials.