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Electrolux concepts for future kitchens

The Rendez-Vous table is designed as a cooktop with sociability in mind, while the Volare is an all-in-one appliance for smaller kitchens.

Rendez-Vouz -- Electrolux Trend concept. Electrolux

Appliance giant Electrolux has been around for a long time yet is still keeping one eye on the future. Its Design Lab competition has given us snapshot glimpses of some appliances that we may be seeing in the future. Today, Electrolux unveiled two more designs based upon trends, of today and for tomorrow. While these are not actual products, Electrolux stresses that the technology is available today, and therefore these are closer to reality than they may appear at first glance.

The Rendez-vous table is designed with the idea in mind that the kitchen is a social gathering spot of the house. Large and meant for multitasking, the table is conceptualized as a wide-open induction cooktop that also would be able to power other appliances wirelessly. (Like this blender.) While the social activity of cooking and eating is highlighted, the table also would be programmed with a virtual chef, enabling cooks of all skill levels to enjoy the meal preparation. The result is a new area of the kitchen, perfect for cooking, eating, entertaining, and socializing.

Volare--Electrolux Trend concept. Electrolux

The Volare is a complete kitchen disguised as a piece of modern art. The modular system is designed to limit the space needed by appliances while also opening up floor space. At a push of a button, the user can select a pop-out induction cooktop, a coffee maker, a refrigerator unit, or the oven. The modular nature of this concept allows for precise customization according to individual needs.

While we won't be seeing these designs on any showroom floors in the near future, the not-too-distant future remains a distinct possibility. One thing for sure though, is that the thought process that went into these concepts is thoughtful and insightful, and will make our future kitchens that much more enjoyable.