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Electrolux built-in suite gains a wine cooler

Built-in wine cooler by AEG-Electrolux integrates wine storage into existing appliance sets.

Just because you're committed enough to your current house to install built-in appliances doesn't mean you have to be committed enough to convert your basement into a wine cellar. Available as a part of AEG-Electrolux's extensive line of built-in units is this stainless steel model SW988205L wine cooler.

The unit blends with other AEG-Electrolux stainless steel built-ins, giving you a beautiful six shelves of column storage for up to 36 bottles of wine. It's designed to keep your wine at an appropriate storage temperature, boasting a set of childproof temperature controls and an air circulation system that ensures that cold air is distributed evenly among your reds and whites. If you need to store them at different temperatures, you can take advantage of two temperature zones.

The wine chiller is available in left- or right-handed configurations, so you can rest assured that you'll find one that fits with your existing kitchen.