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Electroluminescence + basketball = dorky

New shirts light up


Correct me if I'm wrong, but basketball seems to be one of those rare sports that's not getting all high-techified. I heard something about them redesigning the standard NBA ball a few months back, but aside from that, the sport seems to have stayed pretty true to its roots.

Well, not anymore. In Australia, basketball teams are testing out a new kind of shirt that uses electroluminescence to display information like how much time is left in the game, the score, and the foul count. According to Gizmowatch, the technology, known as "TeamAWear," is designed to improve players' confidence in team tactics and prevent the need to glance over at the scoreboard. Here's the catch: Each player will have to have an iPod-sized computer strapped onto him or her in order to have the light-up shirt work. No offense to the creators of this thing, but I know a whole lot of people who find the standard-size iPod too cumbersome to wear on the treadmill at the gym. And they're definitely not hardcore athletes.

Can you see this catching on? I sure can't. But I've been wrong before, like back in 2001 when I opted out of getting a Wi-Fi card in my laptop because I thought it'd be a "passing fad."