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Electrifying giants in your backyard

American architecture firm designs transmission towers shaped like giant figures to transform the Icelandic landscape. But the idea could easily cross borders.

Transmission tower sculptures
The pylon figures can be placed in various configurations--in pairs, for example, or walking in the same or opposite directions. Choi+Shine
Transmission tower sculptures
The pylon figures elevate transmission towers to more than merely functional design, the creators say. Choi+Shine

While these giants could creep you out while driving solo across the bleak countryside, anything that beautifies the landscape gets my vote. Here, Brookline, Mass., architecture firm Choi+Shine struts its stuff, literally, by taking ubiquitous electrical pylon and creating transmission towers that resemble a sculpture park of electrifying statues with heads, torsos, forearms, and legs.

While the Land of Giants project was originally submitted to a Icelandic contest aimed at obtaining new ideas and looks for high-voltage towers and lines, it could easily cross borders. Several versions exist, so take a gander at the designs here, which won an honorable mention at the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition, as well as a 2010 Boston Society of Architects award for unbuilt architecture.

Transmission tower sculptures
The architects imagined a design that would transform mundane electrical pylons into statues. Choi+Shine

(Source: Crave Asia via Designboom)