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Electric grill knows how to cook

The Intelligent Tabletop Grill features preprogrammed cooking times. The electric grill heats the grate directly as well as supplying heat from an element underneath.

Smarter than your average grill.
Smarter than your average grill. Dimplex

When it comes to shopping for an outdoor grill, usually the first decision to make is whether to get a charcoal, gas, or an electric grill--and then if gas or charcoal is permitted, electric is quickly kicked to the curb. This isn't surprising: when we think of outdoor grilling, we usually equate that with an open fire. However, there are many situations where open-fire cooking is simply not an option. Balconies and other small, confined spaces are often excluded from joining in the open-fire party. But that doesn't mean electric grills have to suffer a fate of inferior quality.

The Intelligent Tabletop Grill, aka the Dimplex CBQ-120-ELE PowerChef Convertible Electric Grill, is a grilling option that looks to be more than just a substitute for fire. Going where gas and charcoal grills cannot, the electric grill provides a preprogrammed cooking system thanks to the use of its electric heating elements. Using a dual-level approach for cooking food, the grill supplies direct heat by heating the grill grate itself, while a secondary heat source lies beneath the surface.

Providing automatic operation is where the grill surpasses its counterparts. Users select from a menu the type of food they will be preparing, and enter in specifics that tell the grill how long to cook the item for. For example, you might select steak, half-an-inch thick, that you would like done medium rare. The grill then cooks it, providing consistent results no matter where you happen to grill.