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Electric car network coming to Arizona

The Tucson area signs on Nissan North America and Ecotality to build a public charging network in the region starting next year.

Alternative energy company Ecotality said on Friday that it will supply charging stations in Arizona as part of the planned roll-out of plug-in electric cars from Nissan next year.

Nissan North America has committed to making its electric vehicles available to municipal or private organizations in the Tucson, Ariz., area, Ecotality said. Nissan's all-electric sedan is scheduled to be available in certain areas of the U.S. next year.


Ecotality said it will plan the installation of charging stations in the area and work with local politicians to establish policies to promote plug-in electric cars.

There are a number of electric sedans planned for market introduction in the next two years. But automakers say that establishing a charging infrastructure in public places is critical for their acceptance with consumers.

Auto companies like General Motors and Nissan are working with different municipalities to find ways to pay for public charging stations and to educate consumers on the plug-in electric technology.

Ecotality now supplies charging stations designed to rapidly replenish batteries for fleet vehicles like forklifts and ground-support vehicles at airports.