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Electric car does more than 200 miles per charge

SIM-Drive's SIM LEI electric car does 206 miles per charge in urban traffic conditions, and 190 miles while traveling 62 mph.

The SIM LEI stands for leading efficiency in-wheel motor. SIM Drive

Japanese electric car developer SIM-Drive says its SIM LEI prototype EV can travel 206 miles on a single charge in general urban traffic conditions, and 190 miles while going 62 mph.

"The prototype achieved...333 km of range per charge by JC-08 mode, which represents general urban traffic condition in Japan," the Kawasaki-based firm said in a release (PDF).

SIM-Drive's prototype was built with the cooperation of 34 groups and companies, including Mitsubishi Motors. The four-wheel drive SIM LEI has in-wheel motors.

The body design has low drag to reduce efficiency, and a top speed of about 93 mph. The car can do zero to 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds, according to the firm.

SIM-Drive was founded by engineer Hiroshi Shimizu, who developed the eight-wheeled Eliica EV. Shimizu brought together the automotive firms with an open-source approach to developing electric cars.

Last year, the Japan Electric Vehicle Club drove a modified Daihatsu Mira 623 miles on a single charge. The feat involved 17 drivers and over 8,000 batteries.

The SIM LEI project is aiming for mass production of an EV in 2013. Hopefully Japan's rolling blackouts from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami will be just a memory by then.