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Electric blue, cheaper Palm Centro coming to AT&T

Palm announces an electric blue version of its Palm Centro smartphone for AT&T with a lower price point for back to school season.

Palm Centro in electric blue Palm

Perhaps wanting to steal a little thunder from the iPhone 3G (uhh, good luck with that), today Palm announced a new electric blue version of the Palm Centro for AT&T, with nationwide availability starting Friday. So there's a new color; big whoop, right? Well now, wait a minute. Touting it as an lower-cost alternative to the iPhone and as part of a back to school promotional package, the Centro will be sold at a lower price point than its current $99 (with a two-year contract) from July 11 to September 20. Just how much less? We have no idea. The company said it won't release the new price point until Friday, so we'll have to wait till then. Oh, Palm, you tease. But really, is anyone going to take notice with all the iPhone madness?