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Electric bike turns you into Lance Armstrong

Hybrid uses small motor to aid pedal power.


Given the spate of electric motorcycles hitting the market, many of us might be tempted to give one of them a shot for the health of the environment if nothing else. But one about our personal well being?

Currie Technologies is trying to provide the best of all worlds with its "iZip Express," a hybrid bike that can supplement your natural pedal power with a small electric motor. Gizmag says the bike's engine, which generates more power as you pedal faster, can yield top speeds of 25 mph on a battery with a range of 31 miles per charge. (Interesting back story: The company was founded by Malcolm Currie, a former undersecretary of defense who worked on such projects as missiles, satellites and stealth aircraft in the Gulf War.)

Handlebar controls can switch the iZip from standard to economy mode if you start to get low on power. And if you run out of electricity altogether, you can always go back to Fred Flintstone mode.