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Electric bike has iPod dock, glows in dark

Why? No one seems to know, but it's still cool.

Inventor Spot

We seem to have had a run of gadgetry for bi-wheeled vehicles lately, so it's no surprise that Yamaha would get into the act. But the combination of features it's chosen for its EC-02 electric bike is something of a head-scratcher: an iPod dock and a frame that glows in the dark, according to Inventor Spot.

The built-in dock makes enough sense, with controls on the handlebar and a clear cover to protect the player against the elements, but the need for nighttime luminescence is less clear to us. Perhaps it has something to do with the bike's limited power--it tops out at 18 mph, so it might need all the help it can get to avoid getting run off the road after dark. It also has a range of only 40 miles per charge, so the engine might be competing for juice with the iPod if you're running low.

One advantage over its fossil-fuel predecessors, though, is the quiet ride that accompanies all electric motorcycles. That means that, unlike conventional bikes, you might actually be able to hear the speakers.