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Election, Windows 7 share stage in LA

At Microsoft's conference for hardware makers, attendees divide their time between eyeing Windows 7 and watching the election returns come in.

LOS ANGELES--It's a case of divided attention here at WinHEC.

Some of the developers spent their time cruising the booths, while others sat on bean bag chairs and watched CNN and MSNBC on plasma TVs.

WinHEC attendees watch CNN as Ohio goes for Obama. Ina Fried/CNET News

I'll leave the election predictions to others, but here's some key early returns from WinHEC.

Windows 7 logo program: After using multiple programs for Vista, including a Vista capable program as well as basic and premium logos, Microsoft will have just one logo for Windows 7 and no 'Windows 7 capable program."

The feedback was loud and clear after Vista--just one program. Microsoft, in fact, faces a class-action lawsuit over its Vista capable program.

Vista Velocity: That's the name given to a program in which Microsoft has helped PC makers create and test their Vista machine to meet a series of performance metrics. Still fuzzy is just how Microsoft and the PC makers plan to market the machines that passed such testing. I hear there won't be a logo on the machines, but there may be some sort of designation at retail.

Device Stage: Microsoft and partners were showing a number of devices that pop up special "Device Stage" screens when connected to Windows 7, including printers from HP and Canon, cameras from Nikon and phones from Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

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