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Ohio votes early as Trump, Clinton battle on

Social Cues: Meanwhile, WikiLeaks and a Miss Teen USA scandal continue to affect the election.

Just like in 2012 when this photo was taken, voters will be able to head to the ballots early in Ohio for the presidential election.

J.D. Pooley, Getty Images

It's 26 days until the US presidential election, and Ohio, a crucial swing state, is getting a head start on voting. On Wednesday morning, social media rallied around the early vote-casting with a trending hashtag.

While those voters have made up their mind, others can still be swayed by trending topics such as WikiLeaks and Miss Teen USA, controversies that hit the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's campaigns Wednesday.

Social Cues is our daily feature on what's happening across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what is buzzing on social media:

#OHVotesEarly: Voters are already heading to the ballots in Ohio, one of the 12 swing states that will be critical to the US presidential election. People on Twitter celebrated casting their vote ahead of Election Day with the #OHVotesEarly hashtag. Trump and Clinton have been fighting for the victory in Ohio, a state seen as a "must win for Trump."

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange made good on WikiLeaks' promise to release more leaked emails before the election, this time with messages from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. In a few of his emails, Podesta joked about Donald Trump's hair and gave out his secrets -- to making risotto. WikiLeaks was trending on Facebook, and many were expressing their concerns about trust issues with Clinton over the released emails.

Miss Teen USA: Trump's campaign hasn't been safe on social media either, with another scandal hitting the Republican candidate on Wednesday. The teen beauty pageant was trending on Twitter after a former Miss Arizona, then 18, said Trump would regularly walk into the dressing room even as some girls were naked. The story trended on Twitter with users disgusted by the report.

Ronald McDonald: There are no happy meals here for McDonald's mascot. Thanks to all the creepy clowns scaring people in the woods, Ronald McDonald has taken a low profile at the fast food chain. Facebook users, please let these creepy clowns know this is why we can't have nice things.

Janet Jackson: The "Rhythm Nation" singer is having her first child! Janet Jackson officially announced she's pregnant at 50, and that earned a Twitter Moment on Wednesday. People on Twitter were congratulating the soon-to-be mom, sharing her pregnancy photos from People Magazine.