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Trump or Clinton? Sharks and a psychic goat are split

A long, long election cycle is coming to an end and different polls predict different outcomes, even among prognosticating animals from both land and sea.


Scottish "fortune-telling" billy goat Boots thinks he may have just had a taste of victory.

Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

The American electorate has become increasingly polarized in recent years, and now it seems that even animals without the right (or likely intellectual capacity) to vote are split when it comes to predicting if it will be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton heading to the White House after Tuesday.

The marine science researchers at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida track the migration of a few tagged mako sharks in the Atlantic Ocean and they dubbed two of them "Clinton Shark" and "Trump Shark" to see which would cover the most distance. The idea was that the shark that swam the most total miles between the first presidential debate on September 26 and November 4 would predict the actual winner in the real human race.

Over that time Trump Shark covered over 652 miles to Clinton Shark's 510 miles, making the Donald the betting shark's choice on Tuesday.

From the surf to the turf side of animal kingdom electoral prognostication, Boots the "fortune-telling" goat from Roxburghshire, Scotland recently made his prediction for America's Election Day with the help of animal trainer Sue Zacharias. She taught Boots to predict the future of their shows' audience members, but in the video below you can clearly see the hooved Nostradamus forecast a win for Clinton.

Hopefully on Tuesday night we learn not only who will be the next president, but also whether Trump will make Makos great again or Clinton proves that goats can have discerning tastes.