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El Chapo threatens lawsuit against Netflix for planned series

A lawyer of Mexican drug lord tells The Associated Press that his client will sue Netflix and partner Univision if they make a series about his life without paying him.

Netflix and Univision to coproduce series based on Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán.

Screnshot: Laura Martínez/CNET

Andrés Granados, a lawyer for Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán said Wednesday that he will sue Netflix and Univision if they air a new series on the imprisoned Mexican drug lord's life without paying him.

Granados said that the two networks have to pay for the right to use Guzman's name and nickname (El Chapo, which loosely translates as "shorty".) "If they air this, they are immediately going to be sued," Granados told the The Associated Press. "They, by necessity, need the authorization of Mr. Guzman, because he is not dead."

However, in a nod to El Chapo's disposition to cooperate, Granados also said that at the right price, his client "could supply more information to make it a better project for them."

Univision and Netflix earlier this month announced plans to produce an original drama about El Chapo, with plans to air in 2017. Little details have surfaced about the upcoming drama, but this week Univision released its first trailer (below), which features a series of scenes representing different eras and aspects of Mexico -- tainted in rivers of blood.

A Univision spokesperson declined to comment. Netflix didn't immediately responded to CNET's request for comment.