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eKey unlocks the potential of three fingers

Different digits control different functions in home security.

Cedia News

You've got to hand it to eKey, quite literally. As biometric security technology becomes increasingly mainstream, companies have had to work overtime trying to figure out ways to get a leg (or an arm) up on the competition. So where fingerprint scanning is concerned, eKey had a novel thought: Why limit a system to just one finger?

Its "Bio-View" system actually makes use of three fingers, each with a different task--one to unlock the door, a second to control the alarm and the third to send an emergency alert if necessary, according to Cedia News. (We can guess which finger most people would use for that one.)

In a perfect world, though, it would be nice to have the option of using another way to control the system, perhaps with one's eyes for those times when your arms are full of groceries. But we suppose that would limit it to two functions--at least for most of us.