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Eisner's start-up allies with MySpace on 'Prom Queen'

Former Disney CEO partners with the social-networking company owned by ex-rival News Corp. to distribute teen-oriented serial drama.

MySpace announced Thursday that it has partnered with Vuguru, the online video studio founded by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, as the first distribution outlet for Vuguru's inaugural series, Prom Queen. Each episode of the teen-oriented serial drama will be launched on a corresponding MySpace page 12 hours before it is available anywhere else. Vuguru is distributing Prom Queen through many different outlets: online video giant YouTube, as well as Veoh, a video sharing site that counts Eisner among its board of directors. The first of the 80 episodes, which have a running time of about 90 seconds, will premiere on the News Corp.-owned MySpace at 7 p.m. Eastern on April 1, and at 7 a.m. the next day everywhere else.

The formation of Vuguru was first announced earlier this month. It's a product of The Tornante Company, the investment firm that Eisner started after retiring from his high-profile post at Disney. It's unclear whether the deal with MySpace will continue for future Vuguru productions, none of which have been announced yet.