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EIC Squared: Will the tech sector melt down in the economic crisis?

CNET Editor in Chief Dan Farber and ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan discuss the impact of the economic crisis on the tech sector and the rise of cloud computing.

In this week's EIC Squared podcast, ZDNet's Larry Dignan and I talk about how the economic crisis will impact the tech sector. Both the House and Senate have passed the bailout package, but the legislation doesn't mean that tech or any other industry sector will reverse the downward spiral. Tech companies and financial analysts are rapidly cutting estimates to prepare for a potential nuclear winter in the global economy.

We also discuss Microsoft's forthcoming moves into cloud computing and the state of citizen journalism following the fake Steve Jobs heart attack story that showed up on CNN.

Microsoft is applying its tried and true formula of creating software platforms that can attract millions of users and developers to the hosted applications world. It will be the next major frontier for Microsoft to conquer, competing with companies such as, EMC, Google, IBM, and others. And it's safe to bet that Microsoft becomes one of the major players in the cloud. More to come at Microsoft's PDC event later this month.