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eHarmony, get JaJah VoIP calling

Online daters can now call each other using JaJah's VoIP, which makes both numbers anonymous while still allowing each party to use their normal phone.

JaJah / eHarmony

Online dating services eHarmony and on Thursday plan to begin using a special version of JaJah that lets users make anonymized voice calls to people they're interested in.

Unlike streaming video, which is a hot trend in online dating sites, users are limited to standard telephone communication like voice calls, SMS, and voice mail. Both sites are using a version of JaJah that's focused specifically on privacy permissions. Users can't just call someone without the person on the other authorizing it first. The same goes for both voice and text messages. Also, neither party gets the other person's real phone number, meaning you can safely use your regular phone without worrying about your number getting in the wrong hands.

Along with the security features that let people connect for the first time, it's also simple to cut off communication entirely. If either party decides that they no longer want to talk to the other person, it's as simple as de-authorizing them. This keeps them from being able to call again, and relegates them to using the dating service's standard messaging tools.

JaJah says the service has been in limited beta testing on since early March. Several other dating sites are also providing it for some of their members, although those sites have not yet been announced.