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EgyptAir honors missing flight on social media

The airline added dark banners to its Facebook and Twitter accounts, mourning flight 804, which disappeared from radar Thursday morning.

​Screenshot by Kent German/CNET

As investigators continue to search the Mediterranean for wreckage from a missing EgyptAir aircraft, the airline added dark banners to its Twitter and Facebook accounts to mourn the flight and its victims.

Against a background of grey clouds on both social media sites is the flight number, MS804. The airline also switched its normal blue and white logo to one in black.

EgyptAir flight 804 disappeared early Thursday morning en route from Paris to Cairo. Shortly before disappearing from radar 180 miles north of the Egyptian coast, the Airbus A320 made erratic turns before "dropping like a rock," CBS News reports.

Though at least one Egyptian aviation official has named terrorism as a possible cause for the crash, that suspicion has not yet been confirmed by investigators.