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EgisTec brings fingerprint security to personal devices

EgisTec manufactures a fingerprint sensor used to secure laptops, cars, cell phones and other devices that might benefit from increased personal security.

The HTC Shift uses EgicTec's fingerprint sensor technology to secure private information. HTC

If you're the type who mandates a unique password for every Web account, you've got a lot of memorizing to do. EgisTec, a data encryption and biometrics technology company, is manufacturing a fingerprint sensor that eliminates the need to type any password.

Although the Taipei, Taiwan-based company is predominantly known for its data-deletion software, Shredder, the present focus is on its fingerprint solution for cell phones, laptops, cars, and other devices that might benefit from increased personal security.

EgisTec's know-how of software and hardware production helps in the creation of technology that manufacturers can easily integrate into their products. Ten million PCs and mobile devices worldwide already use EgisTec's fingerprint sensor.

Part of the success can be attributed to its ability to read cracked, scarred, dry, and oily skin. It's durable, too--the sensor can read up to 10 million swipes.

Computer criminals who use simulation attacks or replay to confuse the device should steer clear--the sensor is smart enough to reject such acts.