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Tech Industry

Egghead closes final chapter

The final page has turned in the bankruptcy case of, an e-commerce pioneer. Egghead's trustee and creditors have approved a plan to distribute the company's remaining $10.5 million in cash from liquidated assets over the next month, an attorney at the law firm representing the trustee said Wednesday. The law firm continues to seek further compensation for creditors, mainly through litigation against people who still owe Egghead money.

The approved plan, however, marks the end of the bankruptcy case, which began in 2001, Luce Forward Hamilton & Scripps attorney Michael Isaacs said. After Egghead filed for bankruptcy and Fry's Electronics canceled a proposed takeover bid, Egghead shut down its Web site and sold its name, trademarks, URL and other intellectual property to, which re-launched as a part of its own site in late 2001.