EE Times finds U.S. engineering salaries average around $100K

Tech Culture

The mean compensation for an engineer in the U.S. is $103,999, according to the annual salary survey published by EE Times. The figure includes bonuses and overtime. The mean for straight salary was $99,300, up $100 from the year before.

Around 73 percent of U.S. engineers received a pay raise last year. The average pay raise was 4.6 percent, according to the survey.

In Japan, mean compensation was $75,800 while it was $72,000 in Europe.

In India, it was $39,500, up from $38,300 the year before. Eighty-five percent of engineers got raises in India. As a result, Indian engineers expressed optimism. By contrast, some dissatisfaction exists among U.S. engineers.

"We are not professionals," Eric Gene Price, senior software engineer with Honeywell in Phoenix told the magazine. "Engineers must sacrifice to keep CEOs, marketing types and bean counters living the lifestyle they are accustomed to. If you show up five days a week to work for the man, guess what? You're just hired help."

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