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EE shoots for 'near-complete' 4G coverage in the UK by 2020

The mobile network isn't just focused on ensuring the population of the UK is hooked up. It promises connectivity across the whole landmass.

EE Store Sign

EE was the first UK network to introduce 4G.


Mobile phone network EE plans to bring 4G coverage to 95 percent of the UK's landmass by 2020.

The operator announced ambitious plans on Monday to provide "near-complete" coverage across the UK. It's also planning to move 100 percent of its customer service calls to Britain, creating 600 new jobs.

EE currently provides 4G coverage to 60 percent of the UK, but it's made an effort to bring speedier data to remote parts of the country, most recently switching on 4G in Shetland and the Isles of Scilly.

"Customers want 4G speeds everywhere they go, and mobile operators are too used to saying 'no' to new coverage," said EE Chief Executive Marc Allera. "Today, I'm saying 'yes', with an ambition to go further than any operator has ever gone, and with the ultimate aim of covering the whole UK with 4G."