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EE, Orange and T-Mobile prices hiked by 2.7 percent

The UK network is raising prices as of 28 May, and says there's no opting out of your contract as a result. Orange and T-Mobile are also subject to the changes.


UK operator EE is raising its prices by 2.7 percent, as of the end of next month.

Orange and T-Mobile, which are part of the EE group, are also affected. Those who joined an EE network after 23 January aren't affected, but those on a 12-, 18- or 24-month pay-monthly or small-business contract will see their costs rise from 28 May.

EE says its changes are "in line with the Retail Price Index", meaning it follows the rate of inflation. The network has provided a calculator to figure out how much extra you'll be paying -- for instance, if you're on a £36 per-month contract, your new bill will be £36.95.

No opting out

"If you wish to cancel your contract," EE says, "You'll need to pay any cancellation charges that may apply."

"As stated in your terms and conditions", the operator continues, "you may cancel your contract without penalty if we increase your monthly plan charge (the recurring amount you pay each month) by more than the current rate of RPI. This increase is in line with RPI and therefore cancellation charges will apply."

What do you think of EE's price changes? Are they reasonable, or are you upset by the extra cost? Let me know in the comments.