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EE 4G roaming takes off for France and Spain, US and more soon

EE customers can now enjoy 4G data in France and Spain, with the USA and other European countries to follow by summer.

If the spring sun has you thinking ahead to your next holiday, then good news: if you're on UK network EE you can now enjoy 4G data roaming in France and Spain.

And you'll be able to go online on your phone or tablet at 4G speeds in the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands by the time summer rolls around.

Deals include £3 for 100MB of data per day. That's not exorbitant but isn't a lot of legroom for a heavy data user either, especially when you consider Vodafone and Three let you use your full home allowances in selected countries for free or a few quid a day. But that's just for 3G -- if you absolutely have to have 4G speed, EE is once again leading the way.

If you pay for double speed with a 4GEE Extra plans, you also get unlimited calls and texts to select countries when overseas.

EE describes the new roaming option as the first of a series of outbound roaming agreements that will allow you to check your email and social updates; look stuff up online and on maps; and stream music and video while abroad.

Regular folk and those of you with small business contracts can start 4G roaming immediately, while corporate customers will follow "soon."

EE has also been named the UK's best network by independent researchers for -- deep breath -- network performance, reliability, speed, mobile Internet, and call and text performance.

What are your data roaming tips? Which network offers the best value, or do you pick up a local SIM card when you touch down? Tell me your holiday thoughts in the comments.