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EE £14 plan makes 4G cheaper, but skimps on data

Alongside its first branded smartphone, the network has a new tariff that gets you 4G speeds for less cash -- but offers just 500MB of data for the month.


EE has dropped the price of 4G, with -- among other changes -- a new tariff that gets you faster data for £14 per month. However, you still don't get a very big data allowance for your cash.

The double-voweled network's new tariff, which is available from 26 March, gets you 500MB of data per month, alongside 500 minutes and unlimited texts, over a period of 24 months. 500MB isn't a huge amount of data, so if you sign up, you'll need to make sure you're not streaming too much video or downloading many apps.

That's a shame, as doing loads of data-hungry downloading is surely what you'll want to do, once you're signed up to 4G.

EE has also lowered the price of its 4G EE Extra tariff, which offers theoretically faster mobile data (up to 60Mbps), shortcuts to customer service and unlimited roaming and texts when in Europe. 4G Extra now costs from £22 per month, with that cheapest option getting you 2GB of data, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts. All 4G Extra plans tie you in for 24 months.

EE Kestrel Manoeuvres in the Dark

Alongside the new tariffs, EE has also revealed its first branded smartphone, the brilliantly named EE Kestrel . We've already gone hands-on with the Kestrel , which costs a mere £100 on pay-as-you-go, or can be acquired on EE's new plans with no up-front cost.

Check out our first impressions of the Kestrel , and let us know your thoughts on EE's new plans in the comments.