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Editors' Choice Awards 2006: And the winners are...

It's time to announce the winners of this year's Editors' Choice 2007 Awards -- which we hope will help you pick the product that's right for you. Click here find out our pick for the best camera, mobile phone, laptop and more...

This year is launching its first ever Editors' Choice awards programme. We're looking to single out the products that have changed how we think about a category -- whether through innovative features, outstanding quality or brilliant ease of use. Today we're announcing winners in seven different product categories.

This year's awards include the best digital cameras, televisions, mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, camcorders and digital radios that we've reviewed in the last year.

To find out the best pocket camera you can buy, or the finest music phone on the market, check out our special winner's page and find links to full reviews of all the winning products here.

Don't like any of the nominations? Think we've missed an important product? Let us know by sending us an email to We'd love to know what you think. -Michael Parsons