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EdgeStream introduces IPTV platform

California company promises a method of delivering video via Internet--at near-cable quality.

Video software company EdgeStream this week unveiled an IPTV platform for streaming broadcast-quality video over the Net. Its platform, which stands for Internet Protocol TV, is designed to stream encoded video with data throughputs of up to 1 megabits per second over the Internet, for quality that reaches that of cable or private networks, the company said. EdgeStream specializes in delivering video independent of the underlying compression or streaming format but by using the "middle mile," reducing packet loss and delays by intelligently routing data over the Net dynamically throughout each session.

The company, based in Laguna Hills, Calif., said U.K.'s Bollywood Rights on Friday will announce a deal to use Edgestream's IPTV platform to help deliver full-length, on-demand movies to broadband subscribers. Bollywood Rights licenses films produced by India's Bollywood industry for Internet distribution.