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Ecofriendly three-wheelers

A couple of environmentally friendly three-wheeled cars

Daily Telegraph

Meet the Dolphin, a three-wheeled, two-seater concept car that carries driver and passenger in tandem configuration. The aerodynamic prototype (pictured left) weighs just 475 pounds, and relies on a 200cc Piaggio scooter engine. According to this article in the U.K.'s Telegraph, the Dolphin can reach speeds of more than 60mph and gets an average fuel economy of 90 miles per gallon.

Myers Motors

While the Dolphin is still a concept, a tandem-style, three-wheeled, two-seater production vehicle is not that far off. Myers Motors is scheduled to launch its electric-powered Qui Moto (right)--a successor to the Corbin Sparrow and NmG electric cars--in summer 2007. And for those who prefer their three-wheelers with the single wheel at the front, the Zap Xebra is already on sale in the United States.

It looks like the days of four-wheel drive are numbered.