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Eco-clubbing: Talk about a dance, dance revolution

London outlet features a piezoelectric dance floor that uses quartz crystals and ceramics to turn gyrating energy into electricity.

Dance floor power
Crave Asia

Shake your booty, lads and lassies. If Club4Climate founder Andrew Charalambous realizes his vision of expanding his environmentally sustainable style of dance club into every country, the world could be a much better place.

The Club4Climate project not only preaches eco-clubbing, it practices what it preaches. Besides the usual organic beverages, waterless urinals, and automatic taps, the London outlet features a piezoelectric dance floor. This uses quartz crystals and ceramics to turn all that gyrating energy into electricity. So the more you jump up and down, the more you charge those batteries to power the club.

Dance to Save the World
Crave Asia

Before you thumb your nose at what might seem to be a self-serving agenda behind the self-sustaining intentions, the surplus power from a wind turbine and solar energy system used at the club will also apparently be used to power homes in the area.

And thumbs up to the U.K. project for offering free entry to those who can prove they have walked or cycled to the venue. A Club4Climate island is also in the pipeline for 2010, though where this will be and how one "walks" there remains a mystery. But if eco-clubbing takes off globally, talk about a dance dance revolution!

(Via Crave Asia)