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Eben Moglen on Microsoft's opportunity

Microsoft has the chance to change....

I think the world of Eben Moglen, and loved this statement by him from an interview given to Computerworld:

...Microsoft still maintains strongly the view that its business model, which depends upon concealing source code from users, is a viable and important and necessary model....But Microsoft, too, has now fundamentally recognized that there is not another generation left in the proprietary software idea and [it is] trying to move to a world in which it can leverage the remaining value of its monopoly in a world of mixed free and unfree code.

Microsoft has an opportunity to change, and I believe it's slowly (very slowly) making that change. It won't happen today and it won't happen next year, but Microsoft over time may well make the shift as subscription-based revenue models catch on, allowing it to unshackle itself from the license model.

It could happen. Microsoft just needs to take care not to try to force its old model onto the new world (through patent FUD and such). It will find that the open-source world cares just as much about IP as Microsoft does. Perhaps more. Just in different ways.