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eBay to cut 125 jobs worldwide

Online auctioneer cuts less than one percent of workforce worldwide as part of move to focus on core business.

eBay will lay off about 125 people worldwide as part of a reorganization to focus on the company's core business, a spokesman confirmed on Thursday.

"The company reorganized to align with the business priorities we outlined in January to focus on making eBay safer and easier to use, optimizing auction with fixed price on the site, and driving growth at PayPal," spokesman Jose Mallabo wrote in an e-mail.

"We are still hiring for positions to support those business priorities and have redeployed hundreds of current staff in new roles; but globally 125 people will be leaving our work force of 15,500--less than half a percentage point."

Reuters reported that the main areas affected would be in North America, Belgium, Spain, and Austria.