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eBay sets ambitious goal for 2015: $300B in transactions

Looking to battle competitors, the e-commerce company forecasts nearly double revenue and active users over the next two years.

E-commerce site eBay looks to be moving into high gear.

CEO John Donahoe announced today that by 2015, he expects the company to be handling $300 billion in transactions per year, according to The Wall Street Journal, nearly twice what it did in 2012. That means, for 2015, between $21.5 billion and $23.5 billion in revenue from both eBay and its payments processing unit PayPal. In 2012, the company earned $14 billion in revenue.

According to the Journal, the company also plans to double the number of active users on its site over the next two years -- going from 112 million active users in 2012 to 200 million active users in 2015.

Just how does eBay plan to do this? It's looking at global expansion, local commerce, and mobile apps.

"Mobile technology is completely blurring the lines between what used to be called e-commerce -- or online -- and what used to be called retail -- or offline," Donahoe told CNBC today. "Now it's just commerce. And so it's a bigger market for our company."

According to CNBC, eBay plans to complete more than $20 billion in mobile payments this year alone.

Looking to battle competitor Amazon, eBay has been restructuring over the past year. Not only did it go through a major redesign but it has also rolled out free merchandise listing, same-day shipping, and in-store pickup in a handful of major cities.

After Donahoe's announcement today, the company's shares leaped 4.1 percent, closing at $54.22.