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eBay runneth over with Artest cups

Several listings on eBay claim to be for the cup thrown at Pacers star Ron Artest. Also on the block: popcorn.

Lord Stanley's Cup may be tough to attain, but it's easy to get one's hands on the most famous cup of this sporting year.

There are now several listings on eBay for cups purported to be the one thrown at Indiana Pacers star Ron Artest.

For those who have had their TV sets off for the past week, a Detroit Pistons fan threw a cup at Artest at the Pacers-Detroit Pistons game Friday night, prompting Artest to charge into the stands. A melee ensued, with fans and several Pacers trading blows.

Given that it was a standard-fare stadium cup, there's no way to tell whether any of the ones for sale is actually the cup. But they all look close enough.

In addition to the cups, there were eBay listings for popcorn that was allegedly thrown at Indiana players, as well as a listing for liquid just like the kind spilled on Artest. The latter seller promises it will be shipped in its own plastic container. (Hint: It's called a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi.)

Of course, eBay is known for being the place where pop culture meets the marketplace. Artest-related gear almost as soon as the brawl broke up, though the cup auctions are a newer twist. The first auction for a cup said to be the one made famous by ESPN replays reached the absurd level of nearly $100 million before being canceled.