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eBay offers guarantees for some buys

In a bid to combat buyers' worries about fraud, auctioneer is providing protection of up to $20,000 for certain types of goods.

eBay has launched a program offering purchase protection of up to $20,000 for certain capital goods bought through its Web site.

Items covered include tractors from the auctioneer's agriculture and forestry category; skid steers, backhoes, crawler dozers and other gear in the construction category; plus mills and lathes from the manufacturing and metalworking category, said Monday.

The offer, which is valid with purchases of $1,000 or more, is designed to give buyers protection against fraud and material misrepresentation. The program covers goods purchased in the United States, the auctioneer said.

The offer covers items not received and those having damages or liens. There is no charge to buyers or sellers, the auctioneer said.

The move is meant to appeal to small businesses and to boost confidence in online auctioning, eBay said.

"We're striving to make buying on eBay a standard practice for the millions of small business owners in America," Patrick Jabal, general manager at eBay Business, said in a statement. "We're helping buyers understand that they can buy with confidence on eBay--even when it comes to major capital equipment purchases, and we're helping sellers by launching programs that will bring more buyers to their door."

Some 10,000 products in various capital goods categories have already been sold this year, eBay said.