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eBay buyer pays $41,300 for Nintendo game

A man hears that a copy of Stadium Events sold for $13,000. So he rummages in his basement and finds an unopened copy of the same game.

We are in a recession. Perhaps it's even a depression. But it's really not that bad. You see, someone, somewhere just spent $41,300 on a Nintendo game.

Is Stadium Events a great Nintendo game? I suspect not many people really know. Because not many people have ever played it. Not many copies were ever produced. Just after it was launched, Nintendo ordered a recall.

It could be that there are only around 200 copies floating around the world. It could be that there are only 20.

Which undoubtedly moved someone to pay such a substantial amount of money to Dave from Kansas, the owner of one pristine copy of Stadium Events.


Dave, according to Y!Games, was moved to rummage around his basement when he heard that a similar game had already sold on eBay for $13,000.

"We had quite a collection (185+ games) that has sat in our basement for over 20 years," Dave told Y! Games. "The games were on a list to be brought to Goodwill--in fact, within a month, Goodwill was going to have them."

I don't know whether Goodwill will get anything now. Perhaps Dave will continue to find value in everything that still lurks in his basement. He is very grateful for the sudden income in such difficult times. Having sold his still shrink-wrapped and pricetagged game ($29.99, seeing as you ask), Dave says the eventful windfall will go toward a retirement account.

I wonder if, in some fine future, America's little towns will always have one small, dusty store, piled high with old video games. Wizened, graying men will wander into these stores, spend hours browsing the shelves in search of some rare version of Grand Theft Auto and passing the time of day with the owner.

One day, perhaps a teenager, sniffing excessively, will wander into the store clutching something valuable, perhaps the last known copy of Stadium Events. "I'll give you $400," the canny owner will say. And the kid, amazed this crappy box of something ancient could be worth so much, will readily agree.