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eBay adds Google Pay as new payment option

Apple Pay came onboard last year.

An Ebay logo is seen on a mobile phone
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eBay is adding yet another new payment option to its online store.

The company said Thursday it will let customers pay for items using Google Pay starting in April.

The move continues eBay's effort to become less dependent on PayPal to process its payments. eBay and PayPal, once part of the same company, split in 2015. Since then, both companies have worked to diversify their businesses and avoid relying as much on each other.

eBay last year added Apple Pay as a payment option, and it will start processing more of the credit and debit card payments on its site without PayPal. These features are slowly rolling out on eBay and the company said it expects to manage most of its payments by 2021, with payment processor Adyen helping complete these transactions. In prior years, eBay sent just about all its payments through PayPal, often requiring customers to jump to a different site to finish their purchases.

eBay's addition of new payment options could speed up checkout for customers and give them more choices. Cutting payment costs for eBay sellers through this new system might result in lower prices for customers, too.

While eBay works to expand its payment choices, it's also working through a strategic review of its business, brought on by activist investors. While nothing has changed just yet, the review could result in eBay splitting apart again, with the company potentially separating from StubHub and its classifieds business.

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